Training Program

Quantum Neuromonitoring Training Program

Quantum Neuromonitoring’s Intraoperative Monitoring Training Institute provides an in depth study of the core components of intraoperative monitoring for spinal surgeries. The course will provide the tools and skills necessary for a detailed understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system from the microscopic to the gross anatomical level. A fundamental understanding of the electronics, components and procedures will also be emphasized for a solid foundation in intraoperative monitoring.

The course is a mixture of lecture, practical labs and time in the operating room observing and participating in intraoperative monitoring. Proprietary animations provide a solid visual basis for learning complex pathways in the most efficient way possible. Each day will build on what was learned in the previous days and weeks and by the end of the course the student will have a working practical knowledge to monitor spinal, cranial, and ENT surgical procedures.

Course Objectives

1. To develop an understanding of the neuroanatomy and physiology of the structures at risk and being monitored during spinal, cranial, and other surgical procedures involving the nervous system.
2. To develop a working knowledge of the equipment, protocols, and procedures used for intraoperative monitoring.
3. Apply knowledge directly in monitoring actual spine surgery cases under close direct supervision.
4. Full preparation for the Certification Examination in Neurophysiological Intraoperative Monitoring.

Continuing education credits have been approved by the American Society of Electrodiagnostic Technologists (ASET) and the California Board of Registered Nurses (BRN). Please check with your state board of registered nurses for continuing education credit approval.